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Get through the Madrilenian city jungle in a Trike Find here out about the tours we have prepared for you to enjoy Madrid at your own pace

Madrid City + Retiro Tour

Madrid is a city with a big personality, lots of charm and a lot of sun. Whether it is your first trip or your second, you may want to get to know Madrid’s top attractions, the extraordinary heritage of this capital and at the same time take a look at some of the favourite spots of Madrileños: museums, cathedrals, palaces, districts where they stroll at the weekend, parks where they picnic or their favourite tapas bars to hang with friends.

80€ access_time 2h

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Centuries Exploration

Architecture amateurs and those who enjoy the various styles, this tour is for you! Travel through time, styles and eras ... It is surely an exciting tour through the centuries and the history of Madrid, its religious and civil wars, from medieval period to muslim, until today. Here are the most unique, iconic and inescapable places. You will appreciate how the city has grown up during the centuries, how different people with different cultures have influenced the capital. They are integral to the identity and soul of Madrid city and Madrileños. If you stay a short time, do not miss them!

40€ access_time 1h

+ Information

Romance in the Jungle

With 125 hectares and more than 15.000 trees, the “Retiro" park is the ideal frame for lovers. Considered as one of the principal parks of Madrid, is the best spot to disconnect from routine, to breathe pure air and listen the birds sing. A perfect place to let love flow, to walk along the paths full of flowers and to discover every historical local corner. But especially, to enjoy instants loaded with love. Jump in… and surprise your partner taking her or him to the most romantic park of Madrid.

40€ access_time 1h

+ Information

Safari in the Retiro

The “Retiro” is beauty, value, recollection and culture. His history goes back in the middle of the 17th century when Palace of the Good Retirement was constructed in Madrid's suburbs close to a garden with several ponds, fountains, and other buildings. Today it´s Madrid's most important park since it opened to the public in 1868; a place, witness of history and extraordinary wealth which attracts many different visitors. A must for the ones who come to visit the city. Get in… we will show you as if you were a member of the royalty itself!

40€ access_time 1h

+ Information

Madrid at night

Dive into the night in Madrid! During 1h we'll discover you the most emblematic monuments letting you be enchanted by the lights of madrid. A tour under the starlight on a carriage that sure does not turn into a pumpkin! ;)

50€ access_time 1h

+ Information

Tour Luces de Navidad

Let yourself be dazzled by the magic of the christmas lights that decore Madrid during this time of the year! An exclusive tour that you could only enjoy from 23/11/17 until 7/1/18.

40€ access_time 60min

+ Information

3 wheels will take you where 4 never have.

You have seen all our tours but you want to do your own tour? Let us know how you want your visit to be, we will take care of the rest.

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