Beer Bike Madrid

Beer Bike Madrid: very open from 11:00 to 22:00 (online reservation required).

Beer Bike Options

Private Beer Bike

with 0,5 liters, 1 liter or FREE BAR

of beer, sangria or soft drink

from 75€ per vehicle

Beer Bike Madrid Details 📋

¿What is Beer Bike?

It is a bike for up to 4 passengers with a company driver, to get to know Madrid while having a beer and listening to the best hits.

¿How it goes?

The activity lasts about 1 hour. The tour is exactly 45 minutes and there are 10-15 minutes of explanations and photos.

¿+4 people?

No problem, we have 5 bikes for up to 20 people. So, for example if you are 16 people, you will ride 4 bikes at the same time listening to the same song.

¿Can we drink?

Yes! You can choose between beer, Tinto de verano, cava, soft drinks and water to drink during the tour while pedaling.


Do we have to use the pedals?

Yes, it’s a bike so everyone must pedal, otherwise it wouldn’t be the lightest beer in the capital that we would be serving.

What happens if we are more than 4 people?

All controlled, we have several vehicles each with a capacity for up to 4 passengers (+ 1 driver of the company) so if you are more than 4 reserve more bikes.

If we book several bikes, do we all go together?

Yes, all together like a Three Wise Men parade and you will hear the same song in all vehicles.

Can we start the tour somewhere else?


How far in advance do I have to book?

We recommend at least 1 month in advance. We do not accept reservations made less than 24 hours in advance.

I am pregnant, can I do the activity?

Yes, sit back and relax while others suffer. Don’t hesitate to ask for soft drinks or water at the time of booking.

Is this tour guided?

No, music and drink is enough.

Can minors do the activity?

No, only people over 18 years old can do this activity.

What happens if it rains?

In case of bad weather: the vehicle has a roof and we provide ponchos for the participants in case of rain. In case of rain we go ahead with the activity! For any change or cancellation when it rains it is necessary to go to the starting point and confirm with the driver, only if it rains very hard at the time of starting the tour is canceled.

What happens if I am late?

Delays: any delay will be deducted from the total duration of the tour. If after 20 minutes from the start time of the activity you do not show up, the reservation will be considered cancelled without any refund.

How long does the activity actually last?

In total there are between 55 and 60 minutes of activity, 5 minutes of explanations and the time it takes you to go up and leave your things, 45 minutes of tour and 5-10 minutes at the end between photos, laughs and dances.

At the end of the tour, can I take the drinks I paid for?

The drink is to be consumed during the 45 minutes of the tour, once the tour is over we cannot provide you with more.


Security measures

We accept cancellations up to 48 hours before your Beer Bike reservation.

Beer Bike icono

Private Beer Bikes, for up to 4 people.


Regular disinfection of beer bikes and seats and after each group.

Mascarilla obligatoria

Use of a mask is mandatory during the Beer bike tour.

Gel desinfectante

Hydroalcoholic gel available to clients.

A bike ride with your friends, while you have a few beers, listen to music and take a walk around Madrid?

We know that visiting Madrid and getting to know its corners by taking a tour through its different streets is always a good idea.

But as in Urban Safari we like wild, unique and incomparable plans, we have thought of giving another point of view to the typical tour of the city.

You know how? With our amazing beerbikes!

The beerbike is a bike where up to 4 people can ride (plus our guide-driver), while drinking beer, listening to the playlist of your choice and pedaling, all at the same time, through the most emblematic places in Madrid.

Beer, music and friends, with this combination the fun is more than guaranteed!

The duration of this unique and wild experience is approximately one hour:

In the first minutes, before starting the tour, our guide-driver will explain you the safety rules and tell you a little about what you are going to see.

The remaining time, about 45 minutes, will be dedicated to the tour, which starts in Atocha, passing by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Plaza del Emperador Carlos V, towards the Puerta del Sol where you can see the famous sculpture of El Oso y El Madroño (The Bear and the Strawberry Tree).

Then we will go towards Canalejas where we will pass by the Plaza de Santa Ana and you can see the Teatro Español, which will allow us to go towards Alcalá and we will pass in front of emblematic buildings such as the Metrópolis Building and the Bank of Spain.

In the last part of the route we will see the Cibeles Fountain and the City Hall, we will walk along the promenade where the Prado Museum is located and later the Neptune Fountain to finish at the Atocha Station Building.

And the best thing about this experience is that you can organize it for different events: birthdays, bachelor parties, teambuildings…

Do not hesitate and book one of our beerbikes to know Madrid in a unique way, while you live an incredible experience with your friends.

We are waiting for you!