How to Throw an Axe with Two Hands?

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Welcome to our new section! The Axe Thrower’s Encyclopedia, in this post we teach you how to throw an axe with two hands.

Here you can find all the information, tips and tricks for you to become an AXE-PERT.

Every two weeks there will be a new post (so mark it in your axe thrower calendar 😉 ) always focused on improving axe throwing, both in technique and aiming.

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We will start this new section with a basic technique: How to Throw an Axe with Two Hands.

Throwing an axe with two hands is an ideal throwing technique for beginners because by catching the axe with both limbs we ensure 3 things: that the axe goes straight, that we exert enough force and that we have good accuracy. 

Steps to follow to hold the axe correctly:

  1. Hold the axe by the lower part of the handle with the whole palm of the hand.
  2. Extend arm to the front
  3. Make a fist as tight as possible
  4. Firm wrist
90 degree angle

Super important fact: With this position you should form a 90 degree angle between the axe and the arm.

And why 90 degrees? Because in this way you will get the axe to spin exactly 1 spin from the marked line. If the angle were lower the axe would take less than one spin (most likely it would hit the target with the handle) and if the angle is higher it would take more than one spin (it would reach the target taking one and a half spin and hitting with the head of the axe).

Once you are holding the axe in the way we have described, it is accompanied by the second hand, which we recommend to support on the first one, instead of holding the handle with both hands.

When you have the position of the arm and hands correctly, this is what you should do to get momentum:

  1. You bring the head of the axe to the bottom of the back of your neck.
  2. Pull your body backwards
  3. And with a quick movement you throw your body forward extending your arms towards the target.

Below you can see the practical video of how to perform this two-handed axe throw:

We hope this first entry in our Axe Thrower’s Encyclopedia will help you, feel free to book an axe throwing session at Urban Safari and we’ll show you how to put it into practice.

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