How to throw an axe?

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How to throw an axe?


As axe throwing becomes increasingly popular in recent years more people have realized that the sport is incredibly fun. We want to give you the tools to succeed, whether you’re coming to one of our events, want to join one of our leagues, or want to throw axes at home! Below we’ll show you how to throw an axe like a pro.

How to throw an axe: The basics

1. Safety when throwing axes 

Safety should always be the number one priority when throwing axes. Before throwing, you must make sure that there is never anyone between you and the target and that you have a minimum radius of 2 meters around you free from other people if there is no fence and to play a line if it is fenced.

2. Which axe I need to use?

You will need to start with a very sharp axe. The sharper the better. Despite what you may think, a sharper axe will be much safer as it will have a much better chance of driving into boards without using too much force. Throwing axes cannot be found in local hardware stores, these axes are designed for splitting wood. When throwing an axe, we want to stick the axes into the target, not split it in half. A sharp axe will not only help you stick the axe into the target, but it will also make the target boards last longer. Here is a selection of axes we have made that you can try at our facility.

3. Target design:

In addition to a sharp axe, you will need a target for throwing axes. Traditionally, targets are made of five 4cm x 120cm vertical wooden boards, arranged side by side. When the target is in place, either on a stand, a wall or a combination of the two, you can use a stencil and markers to draw your target, including the bullseye and the kill shots (worth 7 points).

Axe Throwing Techniques

After making sure the area is clear, choosing your axe and having a nice fresh target, you can adopt one of the following techniques:

How to throw an axe with two hands: for beginners

Hold the axe gingerly as if you were holding a golf club. The tighter you grip the axe, the harder it will be to release it while keeping the axe straight.

1. Place the axe directly over your head as if throwing a soccer ball.

2. Swing your arms forward and release the axe at eye level.

3. Depending on how the axe hits the target, we will need to adjust the distance.

a. If the blade hits parallel to the boards, you are at the perfect distance, stay there and perfect your throw.

b. If the top of the axe hits the board, you should take half a step forward.

c. If the bottom of the axe hits the board, you should take half a step back.

How to throw an axe with one hand: more advanced

Make sure you don’t grip the axe too tightly, as this can cause it to swing sideways. This is bad because we want the axe head to lune up with the grain of vertical wood. 

  1. To throw with one hand, swing the axe back through the ear, making sure not to tilt it from left to right
  2. The axe should almost touch your shoulder before it begins its forward motion.
  3. Keep throwing the axe as if you were throwing a dart and release the axe when the handle is straight up and down.
  4. Make the distance adjustments mentioned above depending on how your axe hits the board.