Standard Axe🪓

Since primitive times, the human being has had the need to hunt, eat and build. The ax is a tool that has accompanied humanity throughout almost all of its history. Legend has it that the first tool created was the hammer and it is believed that the ax arose from trying to crush or break something and that the “imperfect” hammer stuck instead of crushing. That’s why it’s so similar to a hammer in terms of parts. A handle to pick it up and a head that, in this case, must be sharp as well as resistant.

How to throw it

Steps to throw it:

  1. Strong grip on the bottom of the handle

  2. Arm extended, in such a way that a 90º angle is formed between the arm and the axe

  3. Bend elbow and support the head of the ax on the shoulder

  4. Take momentum with your whole body and throw decisively

Ficha técnica:

  • Material: Steel (head) and Hickory wood (handle)

  • Eye type: Oval

  • Edge type: Straight

  • Handle weight: 280 gr

  • Weight: 850 grams

  • Head weight: 570 gr