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What is Urban Safari?

Urban Safari is the icing on every cake, the day to remember, the most surreal moment and the funniest stories to tell. The must to do in Madrid, the rarest vehicles, the craziest ideas and the most unique experience to know the city, enjoy with your friends, surprise your partner and improve each event! We break with the usual and invent the impossible!
Bike for 4 + driver through which you will get to know Madrid with by beer and music
A different vehicle to get to know Madrid with up to 5 passengers.
Meet unique corners where other vehicles can not enter such as the Retiro Park.
Drive a vintage motorcycle, feel free to get to know the capital!


Offer a type of leisure and alternative tourism, original and accessible to everyone. We combine fun and tourism so that both tourists and locals enjoy a different experience in a city that has so much to discover


To be one of the leading companies within the tourism sector, promoting tourism and renewing the current panorama of Madrid leisure to attract a tourist who every time seeks to be surprised with unique experiences in each city he visits. Adapting to social and cultural advances, promoting environmentalism, sustainability and the development of physical and dynamic activities.

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