Celebrate your birthday doing axe throwing. The best plan!

Birthdays and axe throwing?

The complete guide

Birthday and throwing axes?: So at first, surely you are hallucinating with what your eyes read, but celebrating your birthday throwing axes will be what makes that celebration something memorable as well as wild.

Can you really celebrate a birthday and throw axes at the same time?

Of course, throwing axes is easier than it seems and even safer. Our axe throwing birthday sessions always include training. We are experts in teaching axe throwing, so don’t doubt that in a few minutes you will be nailing the axe in the target. You will have time to talk with the rest of the guests and, of course, have fun.

What is done for birthdays in an Axe Throwing center?

In the special axe throwing birthday sessions we start with 10 minutes of training, we explain how to throw axes so that you quickly become autonomous and that your session develops safely. Then we will propose different special games for groups that are not in our selection of games, the goal is for everyone to participate and for everyone to have a great time on your birthday.

Can we bring cake for birthday?

In the special axe throwing session you can bring cake and snacks, so the sessions last two hours, so you can learn to throw axes, have fun and also have time to celebrate. Likewise, the Tiro de Hacha venue has a bar where you can order drinks: beers, wine, cava, soft drinks and water; You can take a look at the menu here.

Can I make a special request for the birthday?

Since you have read all this of course, tell us what you need and we will do our best to make it happen.

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