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The Classic Tomahawk, similar to the previous month’s Nordic Tomahawk, also has a convex edge for deep cuts. Although it should be noted that thanks to its hardened head, it is an axe that could also be used as a hammer.

Nordic Tomahawk

Nuestro Tomahawk N├│rdico tiene un filo convexo para facilitar cortes profundos y cortantes y termina en dos puntas afiladas.

Tradicionalmente, el punto inferior se usaba para capturar el escudo, la pierna, el brazo, el hombro o el cuello de un oponente, inmoviliz├índolo moment├íneamente o acerc├índolo, siendo as├ş m├ís f├ícil de despachar.

Grupo de amigos disfrazados celebrando su cumplea├▒os en Urban Safari

Birthday and Axe Throwing?

“Birthday and axe throwing” at first glance you’re probably hallucinating what your eyes are reading, but celebrating birthdays by throwing axes will be what makes this celebration memorable and wild at the same time.

Lanzamiento de hachas

How to throw an axe?

We want to give you the tools to succeed, whether you’re coming to one of our events, want to join one of our leagues, or want to throw axes at home! Below we’ll show you how to throw an axe like a pro.

Axe Throwing: What is it?

Axe throwing by definition, like darts, is a sport in which the competitor throws an axe at a target, trying to hit as close as possible to a bullseye or “Kill shots” (small dots located on top of the target).

One of the first axes used in Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing: The Origins

The history of Axe Throwing, is a fascinating subject. Throughout history, axes have been popular as both a tool and a weapon due to their low price.