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Axe Throwing Club

So you’ve come to Urban Safari and been hooked?
We understand.

Between the leagues, the tournaments and the Championships, you have to train, because admit it, you have been stung and you want to win; That is why we offer you three types of membership.

We offer you the option to save some money by joining our Ax Throwing Club with our membership dues!


Cheyenne membership

Do you want to throw regulary at a good price? Do you want to get the best of the best training of our Axe-perts? It looks like you’re a Cheyenne!

Unlimited access from Monday to Thursday on partner targets

▪️ 10% in private sessions

▪️ You can come with 1 person who will pay €11/h

▪️ 10% on leagues

Cherokee membership

Do you want to throw regularly and participate in leagues? Participate in special sessions and improve your technique with our Axe-Perts? Yes, you are a Cherokee!

▪️ Unlimited access from Monday to Thursday on partner targets

▪️ 10% in private sessions

▪️ You can come with 1 person who will pay €11/h

▪️ 10% on leagues

➕ Free access to 1 league

➕ Free access to 1 special session

➕ Free access to 1 Tournament

Available from 01/02/2023

Apache membership

Do you want to throw often and improve your technique with our Axe-perts? Being able to come to all the special sessions, leagues and the championship? Apache is for you!

▪️ Unlimited access from Monday to Thursday on partner targets

▪️ 10% in private sessions

▪️ You can come with 1 person who will pay €11/h

➕ Free and unlimited access to leagues

➕ Free and unlimited access to special sessions

➕ Free and unlimited access to Tournaments

Available from 01/02/2023

Eventos del Club

Campeonato Tiro de Hacha 2023


Torneo Nacional de Hacha

08/04/2023 Gandía

Conditions & FAQ

Is it permanent?

No, its not permanent.

How does the subscription work?

Once you join the club, we will send you a link to activate the subscription. This will automatically renew every 30 days.

Can I become a member at any time or only at the beginning of the month?

Subscriptions are not monthly, meaning you don’t need to wait until next month to become a member.

Memberships are for 30 days from the Mass start date; In other words, if you become a member on June 5, it is 30 days from that date.

What are partner targets?

Membership targets are targets reserved for the Axe Throwing Club.

Up to 4 partners can join these targets to play during your reservation.

Is the access unlimited?

Club reservations are for 1 hour, if at the end of the hour there is availability you can stay another hour.

If at the end of that second hour you want to stay another hour, ask the Staff again if there is availability, etc…

At what time can I book?

You can book your session from Monday to Wednesday from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., on Thursdays from 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Which axes can I throw?

The CLUB membership is mainly for training, the axes that will be provided during the sessions that you can book from Monday to Thursday include the standard axe, 80gr shuriken, 1250gr axe and knives.

How do I reserve a session?

To book you have to do it through the web, here is the link to book.

Although the bonus is unlimited, it is essential to book online.

Can I cancel my Club session reservation?

You can cancel a Club session up to 4 hours in advance by writing to WhatsApp, tell us your reservation number and what you want to cancel.

What happens if I have a reservation and I don't show up?

If you have a club reservation and do not show up, a penalty of €10 will be applied, which you will have to pay the next time you come.

If I am an Apache member, do I have free access to the Championship, but do I also have a pass?

Being an Apache member you benefit from a free entry to the Championship but it does not mean that you have a pass to it.

A pass to the championship is the security of being classified without having to qualify for the Championship.

Remember that people who do not have a pass to the championship must qualify to be able to play, as long as they qualify.

Passes are obtained by winning a league or with circuit points (see Regulations)

Can I go to the venue without a reservation?

No, to come to the premises you have to book in advance on the web.

Can I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription you have to contact us by WhatsApp referring to your member number and we will cancel your subscription after one month.

Can I cancel my subscription for this month if it has already started and request a refund?

No, we do not make partial or total refunds of subscriptions.

My membership has expired but the league hasn't?

Yes, your membership for the month has expired, you have to renew it in order to continue participating in a league.

How do I book for Friday, Saturday or Sunday?

Club members have a 10% discount for private sessions any day of the week, but there is no possibility to book a Club session other than Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Can the Apache Club card be stamped when attending an Axe Throwing Club session?

Axe Throwing Club sessions cannot stamp Apache Club cards.

Is there any discount applicable to Club fees?

No, no discount, bonus or coupon is applicable to the Membership fee of the Club in any form.

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