Urban Safari Axe Throwing Games: selection of savage games!


Axe Throwing Games

Want extra time? (ask our staff):

1 hour 10€ per person – 1/2 hour 6€

Games difficulty: Easy / Medium / Hard

Wheel of fortune 🍀🤞🧧

Want to win an ax?

If you hit 5 or 7 do the next:

Now you can play the wheel of fortune and win an ax, a free game, a beer or a magnet.

Click here to access the wheel of fortune


Recommended: by teams or individually

Difficulty: easy

Details: Teams start at 0 points and play to 50. The landmine numbers are set along the way at 15, 25, 35 and 45. Landing on a landmine sends the thrower’s team back by 10 points from the number they started at (ex. starting at 22 and hitting a landmine sends the team to 12). Landmines are common to both teams. Once a landmine is hit, it is safe to hit for the rest of the game (like real landmines, they can only blow up once!). One launch per team. If you go over 50 you have to subtract points to get to exact 50.


Recommended: by teams or individually

Difficulty: easy

Details: one shot per turn. The first to reach 21 wins. If you go over 21 you go back to 13.

Indians vs. Vikings

Recommended: by teams

Difficulty: fácil

Details: Whoever before, and in the same number of throws, reaches 15 points wins!

The Galaxy

Recommended: individually

Difficulty: medium

Details: The objective of the game is to stick the ax in 1, 3, 5 and 7 in the fewest number of throws possible. The winner is the one who gets all the numbers in the fewest number of ax throws.

Aliens vs. Predator

Recommended: by teams

Difficulty: high

Details: The objective of the game for the Aliens is to reach 15 points (they don’t need to be exact) and the objective of the Predators is to prevent that from happening by subtracting points from the Aliens.

So if the Aliens add points and the Predators subtract points from the Aliens; if the Aliens stick the ax at 5 and the Predators at 7, the result of the throw would be -2 for the Aliens. This result (-2) is added to the following, that is to say that if the Aliens hit 3 and the Predator 0 the result would be: -2 + 3 = 1 for the Aliens.

The Aliens win when they reach 15 points or the Predators win when each team has made 25 trhows without the Aliens achieving their goal.

Once the 1st round is over, the Aliens become Predators and the 2nd round begins.

Around the World

Recommended: individually

Difficulty: high

Details: if you are right-handed you can only use the left hand and if you are left-handed the right;) Whoever gets, in the least number of throws, from right to left or from left to right, a 1, a 3, a 3 and a 1, wins!

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1 punto
1 point
3 puntos
3 points
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5 points
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