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Team Building activities


Are you looking for original activities for your team building or company event in Madrid? Encourage healthy competitiveness and motivation of your employees with some fun team building activities. The recommended activities improve relationships and teamwork, as well as being unique experiences.

1- Urban Safari

Team Building Axe Throwing

Organize an axe throwing tournament at your business event, which your employees will surely want to participate in. In Urban Safari you will be able to enjoy a unique activity throwing axes and more throwing weapons.

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This axe throwing activity encourages healthy competition and teamwork

Hours: Mon to Thurs: 4pm-10pm; Fri: 4pm-11pm; Sat: 11am-11pm; Sun: 11am-10pm



Calle de las Delicias, 9

2- Paintball Action Live

Come with your team to Action Live, paintball with 16 scenarios where you can go on an adventure.

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Trucks, tanks, helicopters or jeeps of the civil guard are some of the decorations found on the stages. It is an activity where you can compete and have a great time.

Hours: Monday-Sun: 9:00-23:00



Av. Ntra. Señora del Retamar, 16

3- Wind tunel – Madrid Fly

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to fly, because Madrid Fly answers you with an original experience for your business event in Madrid.

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This Team Building activity in Madrid consists of a wind tunnel in which you can discover what it feels like to float on the wind.

Hours: Wed to Fri: 4:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.; Sat and Sun: 10am-9:30pm



Av. Ntra. Señora del Retamar, 16

4- Escalada en Sputnik Climbing

En Sputnik Climbing podrán organizar tu team building y disfrutar de una actividad divertida y original. Fomenta la competitividad sana y el trabajo en equipo con esta actividad extrema, que conlleve deporte y aventura.

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 Horarios: L a D:07h-22h



C. de la Granja, 10

5- Go-Karting at Speed Park

Do you want to play Mario Kart in real life? Well, Speed Park makes it easy for you, here you can organize your company event with activities such as car racing.

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In addition, the site also offers private Karaoke rooms and a bowling alley.

Hours: Sun to Thurs: 1pm-midnight; Fri and Sat: 1pm-01am



Av. Premios Nobel, 23

If you are looking for plans in Madrid, these are the original Team Building activities that we recommend you do with your work team. From Urban Safari, we hope you like them!