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Original activities to do with children in Madrid

*Updated October 2022*

Is autumn coming, it’s starting to get cool and you don’t know what to do with your children? From Urban Safari we have compiled for you a selection of plans with children and activities with children in Madrid during these next few days. Do not hesitate to enjoy incredible activities with children such as ax throwing, miniature golf, paintball and much more.

We are 100% sure that you will love any of these activities with children and you will want to repeat them 😎

Axe throwing Urban Safari 


One of the original and fun activities to do in Madrid with children is axe throwing in Madrid. In Urban Safari you will be able to enjoy this activity safely and with the greatest enjoyment with games and axes chosen specifically for a family plan. Come to Urban Safari and discover the new sport that the little ones will love too. The recommended minimum age is 7 years.

⏰Mon to Thurs: 4pm-10pm; Fri: 4pm-11pm; Sat: 11am-11pm; Sun: 11am-10pm

📌 C. de las Delicias, 9 28045

City Play

Qué hacer hoy en Madrid con niños

In City Play it is one of the best plans with children in Madrid with games such as bowling and minigolf. Do not hesitate to visit this site and enjoy its arcades decorated with a Mayan theme and the striking neon lights on its tracks.

It is a good opportunity for your little ones to discover new sports, in a different, exciting way and in a safe space, focused on fun

⏰ Mon and Tue: 5pm-10pm; Wed and Thurs: 5pm-11pm; Fri: 5pm-12am; S:  12pm-1am,; Sun: 12pm-11pm

📌 Centro Comercial Palacio de Hielo, C. Silvano, 77 28043



Can you imagine what a children’s city would be like? Well, Micropolix makes it happen. Totally focused on the fun and entertainment of the little ones, here your children will be able to experience a simulation of what adult life is like. They will be able to get a job and earn salaries with an invented currency, the Eurix.

Do not hesitate to bring your children to this place where they can play and have fun while they learn.

📌 C. Salvador de Madariaga, 28702 San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid

Vertical Park 

Que hacer hoy en Madrid con niños

This giant adventure park is a great activity to do with children in Madrid. Download all that energy in its 8 circuits and 16 climbing walls. Vertical Park offers a variety of rides inspired by the State Building, Count Dracula, and Rapunzel’s tower. Do you dare to go?

⏰Mon-Fri: 5pm-9pm; Sat: 11am-10pm; Sun: 11am-9pm

📌 Av. San Martín de Valdeiglesias, 20 28922

Big Jump Park 

Celebra tu cumpleaños en Big Jump Park

In Big Jump Park, the largest inflatable park in the world, you can enjoy an original and fun experience with children. Enjoy each one of its arcade games, and you will see how the kids have a great time.

⏰ Mon to Thurs: 5pm-9pm; Fri: 5pm-10pm; Sat and Sun: 12pm-9pm

📌 Av. San Martín de Valdeiglesias, 22 28922

Museo del Aire

Museo del aire

One of the impressive museums that you can discover in Madrid with children is the Museo del Aire, it offers exhibitions of up to 200 aircraft that the little ones and you will surely be impressed with.

⏰ Tue to Sun: 10am-2pm

📌 Autovía del Suroeste, km 10, 700, 28024

Paintball for children


In Gran Paintball Madrid you will be able to discover this famous activity adapted to the little ones at home, so that both adults and children can enjoy it safely.

Bring your children and embark on an adventure in this space for children’s paintball rated as the best in Spain.

⏰Mon to Fri: 09:00-21:00; Sat and Sun: 09:00-23:30

📌 Av. del Pdte. Carmona, 8 28020

Aventura Amazonia


Take the adventurer out of the little ones at Aventura Amazonia,, this adventure park is one of the largest in Europe and has 7 circuits in the heart of the Madrid mountains aimed at both adults and children. A true original activity to do with children in Madrid, in which they will enjoy nature and fun. 

⏰  Sat and Sun: 10am-5pm

📌  Parque Recreativo de las Berceas Carretera de las Dehesas M-966, Km 3,9, 28470

Sweet Space Museum 

Qué hacer hoy en Madrid con niños

The Sweet Space offers its visitors an interactive experience as you walk through the different rooms of the place. In each space that you know of this site you will want to take a thousand photos.

If you are looking for a fun plan to do in Madrid with your little ones, you have to visit this museum of modern art and delve into its candy forests, look at its skies made of candy and sugar clouds. This original place in Madrid also offers you the experience of trying unique sweets in its store without having to visit the museum, so do not hesitate to visit this innovative candy store in Madrid.

📌 Calle Serrano, 61 28006

Museum of illusions

Actividades con niños Madrid

A full day of tricks and illusions, stop by the Museum of ilusions with your children and surprise them with the best mental tricks. You will be able to bring out your most creative side and do a spectacular photo session where it seems that your head has been cut off, that you are flying, that you walk through space or that you are giants compared to your companions.

It’s a creative way to understand how our mind’s perceptive ability sometimes deceives us, and enjoy it to incredible effect.

⏰ Mon to Sun: 9:30 a.m.-10 p.m.

📌 Cine Ideal, C. del Dr. Cortezo, 8 28012

Do not hesitate to enjoy any of these activities with children in Madrid, we are sure you will have a great time