What is Urban Safari? The best Axe Throwing company in Madrid

Urban Safari, what is it?

Urban Safari is an agency of wild and fun tours and activities for a memorable experience in Madrid, the funniest story to tell and the «must do» in Madrid. We invite you to try our experiences: Ax Shooting, Beer Bike, Buggy and Tuk-Tuk. We break with the usual and invent the impossible!

What is Urban Safari?

Urban Safari is the best Axe Throwing room in Madrid.

The perfect combination of axes, beer and music; wrapped in good vibes and a good atmosphere, all with the aim that you and the people you come with have a great time.

Step by step, always improving and always innovating so that if it is the first or tenth time you visit us, the result will be excellent.

Back in 2013

I am Sacha (S´Hacha) Lefebvre, director of Urban Safari, let me tell you how this company started.

“I remember that I sold my car to bring a Beer Bike to Madrid, one of those multi-tandem bicycles for up to 18 passengers + 1 driver who pedaled to the rhythm of the music while throwing beers from the tap along the Paseo del Prado.

They were very instructive as well as complicated beginnings; do everything yourself relentlessly; like any other entrepreneur.

Little by little we made a name for ourselves in the market for farewells, birthdays and Team Building, from one bike we quickly went to 4 but the city council did not see this activity very favorably so they had to think of a plan B.

Plan B came to my mind one spring morning while I was having breakfast and looking at second-hand ads, that’s when I fell on a beautiful Ape Calessino (a Tuk Tuk), used to seeing them in Lisbon and amazed not to see them in Madrid, I brought the first one of these vehicles for guided visits to Madrid.

Once again he started a new activity in Madrid; everything was to be done in every way.

Plan C came after a trip to Paris when we took a bike-taxi together with some friends, in Madrid there was no thought, two months later we began to offer the Bici-Taxi (Rickshaw) service in Retiro.

Step by step Urban Safari had 4 Beer Bikes, 4 Tuk Tuk and 30 Bici-Taxi, but Plan D arrived: the Vespas.

My, at that time, girlfriend and I rented a Vespa in Barcelona. A guide was in front, we felt free and the breeze gave us as we went up to one of the viewpoints of the city. We loved it and no one offered that service in Madrid…well soon us.

In mid-2019 we decided to open an Axe Throwing venue in Madrid, an activity that we found in the United States and that we thought would fit perfectly into our offer of original and fun activities.

In 2022 we stopped offering the rest of the activities and we focused on Axe Throwing.

Close to a million people have enjoyed our activities and after 10 years of experience in the leisure and tourism sector our goal is clear: to be the best Axe Throwing room in Madrid offering customers an incredible and fun experience.

I am at your disposal at hola@urbansafari.es.

See you soon!