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Complete guide, history, how to throw and technical sheet

The Shuriken is a weapon that has its origins in medieval Japan, with a wide variety of shapes and styles, but the star shape predominates.

It has cutting edges of a fairly small size in order to hide it more easily.

Contrary to popular belief, the shuriken was born to simply be a distraction during fight or flight.

The Japanese fighter used it above all to throw it quickly towards the parts of his opponent’s body that were most exposed, such as the face, hands or feet, with the intention of causing injuries and thus gaining an advantage.

However, it has also been used as a hand weapon or as a tool to reflect sunlight to dazzle an opponent.

Shuriken used to be smeared with poisonous substances or feces, in order to grow bacteria on their leaves and thus transmit a tetanus infection, since for a long time this infection was incurable throughout Asian history.

A rather curious origin and context about this weapon, right?

But if what you want is to know more details about the Shuriken, do not hesitate to take a look at its technical sheet below.

How to throw the shuriken

Throwing the Shuriken

Now, let’s get to what really matters, how to correctly throw the Shuriken:

Steps to throw the shuriken

  1. Hold the shuriken tight by one of its points.
  2. Flex the knee.
  3. Using the arm more than the body.
  4. throw hard


The shuriken is very easy to throw and nail thanks to its 4 points, since the probability of it being embedded in the target is very high. As with the zombie killer, it is a very manageable type of weapon that does not require much technique.


Although the shuriken does not require a lot of technique to throw it, it must be taken into account that it must be done forcefully, since having many points, it is possible that it does not penetrate the target well.


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Its manufacture was made from the metal of coins or carpentry tools, it was given a shape of a thin and pressed piece with sharp edges, and normally a hole in the center, to facilitate above all the aerodynamics of this weapon.

Today they are made of rubber for training and metal.

  • BLADE TYPE4 points
  • WEIGHT65g

We hope you found this chapter of the Shuriken Thrower’s Encyclopedia interesting and encouraged you to bring out the ninja in you.

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